About Us

The Chicago DanceSport Challenge is run by the Chicago Chapter #2001 of USA Dance. For more infomation on the chapter, social dancing and other Chicago dance events, please visit the Chapter website www.usadancechicago.org.

Chicago DanceSport Organizers

  • Kelly Batchelor
  • Alan Burns
  • Chapter Officers
    President – Susie Johnson
    Vice President – Jerome Dyson
    Secretary – Carol Jacobsen
    Treasurer – Owen D. Jacobsen

    Membership – Javier Chávez Chacón
    Hospitality – Roger Lulla
    Publicity – Ilana Ventura
    Fund Raising – Craig Slater

    Board of Directors
    Director-At-Large – Alan Burns

    Newsletter Editor – Ilana Ventura
    USA Dance Chapter #2001 WebMaster – Bill Johnson
    Chicago DanceSport Challenge WebMaster – Ilana Ventura