General Information

Dancers at Chicago DanceSport Challenge

The Chicagoland Chapter #2001 of USA Dance is pleased to announce the Chicago DanceSport Challenge to be held at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL. We are pleased to offer Amateur, Teacher/Student, Professional, Cabaret and Formation events!

The Hyatt Regency O'Hare Rosemont Ballroom offers a large 44' x 72' competition dance floor and two separate wooden practice dance floors, one 30' x 60' and another 25' x 25'. We invite DanceSport athletes from all over the USA to compete, and all those who love ballroom dancing to come watch the competition and enjoy the Friday and Saturday evening Jack 'n Jill fun events open to everyone and social dancing between events. This is a recognized and sanctioned USA Dance competition; competitors will be eligible to earn proficiency points.


Each competitor must pay for a competitor pass plus the cost of their events, which are priced individually. Register online through O2CM, or by mail using the mail-order form. (Contact us if you need the form.) Advance registration is available at a discounted rate through October 1, 2022. Competition registration will cut off October 18, 2022. After October 18, new entries can only be accepted if they do not require adding a round.  Please contact our registrar, Kelly Batchelor, at with any registration questions.

Per Person Competitor Pass:

Super Earlybird Until September 16, 2022:
$25 Adult, including Teachers
$10 Newcomer, Student (Preteen, Junior, Youth, Collegiate)

Until October 1, 2022:
Senior Amateur Couples Only: Pay for $750 in entries, get your next $350 in entries for free and 45% off all additional entries. (Contact us before you pay.)

Until October 1, 2022:
$35 Adult, including Teachers
$15 Newcomer, Student (Preteen, Junior, Youth, Collegiate)

After October 1, 2022:
$50 Adult, including Teachers
$25 Newcomer, Student (Preteen, Junior, Youth, Collegiate)

Event Fees (per couple)

Adults and Pros:
1-dance event: $20
2-dance event: $40
3-dance event: $60
4-dance event: $80
5-dance event: $100

Newcomers, Students (preteen, junior, youth):
1-dance event: $15
2-dance event: $30
3-dance event: $45
4-dance event: $60
5-dance event: $75

Formation Teams: $80
Cabaret and Showdance (all ages): $40

All competitors (excluding Newcomer), including Teachers, must be current USA Dance DanceSport Athletes. You can apply or renew memberships online here . You will be required to show your membership cards when reporting to the registration desk at the competition. We will not be accepting new membership or renewal applications at the event.

* Newcomer Couples of which neither member has ever danced as an amateur couple in a ballroom competition are eligible to dance in Newcomer events (in which only the first 5 steps in a bronze syllabus are allowed). Competitors who qualify for Newcomer events may choose to dance in ONLY Newcomer events or in both Newcomer AND Bronze syllabus events. Competitors who register for only Newcomer events must be registered USA Dance members in good standing of any type (Social member, Ballroom Dancer, or Athlete). Competitors who sign up for Bronze events must be registered as Athlete members.


Hotel Accommodations are provided by the Hyatt Regency O’Hare at a discounted rate of $154 per night. Cut-off date for reservations is October 11, 2022. To make reservations online, go to the Hyatt Group Booking website or contact the Hotel by phone at 1-847-696-1234 and mention Chicago DanceSport Challenge for the room discount.


Competitors are required to read and sign several waivers. Please download, print, and sign them before coming to the registration table to speed up your registration process.

  1. Participation Waiver/Release (download)
  2. Assumption of the Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19 (download)
  3. Health Attestation (download)


Advance tickets may be purchased online through October 26, 2022.