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October 28th - 30th, 2022
Chicago DanceSport Challenge

Team Match

The Chicago DanceSport Challenge will offer a Team Match with cash prizes! Teams must consist of four couples. Each couple will complete in one of four dances, one from each of the four styles. If you want to create a team, contact Kelly Batchelor with your team name and the names of your team members. And if you need a few more people on your team, Kelly can help you find them, too.

Unofficial Rules for Team Match

  1. Each team must have a unique name.
  2. Teams must have four (4) couples.
  3. One couple on a team can be a Pro/Am couple or one person on a team can be a professional. All other couples must be amateurs.
  4. Each couple will compete in one dance from one style (Standard, Smooth, Latin, or Rhythm)
  5. Each couple will dance only one dance in a round.
  6. A round of Team Match will consist of 4 dances, one from each style.
  7. If there are more than 7 teams, elimination rounds (quarter-final, semi-final, etc.) will be danced, just like in regular competition.
  8. The final round of Team Match will include the top 6 or 7 teams.
Note that Team Match is an unsanctioned event that does not qualify anyone for the USA Dance National Championships.