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October 28th - 30th, 2022
Chicago DanceSport Challenge

Tonio Zaramella Memorial

Four years ago on November 18, 2018, a great man passed away. Tonio Zaramella was the father of renowned world class competitor and competition organizer, Andrea Zaramella. Unfortunately, affected by polio at a very young age, this stopped him from being an active dancer and for making his wife Rosanna’s dream of becoming a dancer come true. Many years of supporting his son throughout his dancing career continued to cultivate a deep love for ballroom dancing inside his heart. Tonio had always been a great example of kindness, generosity, and selflessness and will be remembered by us all throughout the Tonio Zaramella Memorial.

The Tonio Zaramella Memorial consists of:

• International Open Competitions for Standard and Latin

This event will be held on Saturday night. It is open to all competitors ages 16 and up.  This event is not sactioned by USA Dance.

Entry fee $50 per couple per event. 

Tonio Zaramella

Tonio Zaramella